The work of Purpose Research was begun in 1996 to explore the significance of meaning, purpose, and values in human living. Purpose Research was formally incorporated in 2009; its mission is to actively explore and present a dimensional understanding of the human being. This dimensional viewpoint was best expressed by Viktor Frankl, who stated that we live in a multidimensional world, to include soma (the physical body), psyche (our emotions and mind), and the noëtic (the human spirit), in which we enjoy some freedom to choose and to experience transcendence.

Purpose Research is committed to development and dissemenation of ideas, images, and dialogue that integrate this noëtic dimension in human living. Purpose Research is also committed to addressing the “wall of silence” that has been implicitly adopted in academia to prevent exploration of this dimension; our approach is to examine hidden assumptions in research methods and human theory that preclude a full understanding of human experience.

Our scope is wide: from photography, graphic design, copyediting, and publishing books and pamphlets, to the exploration of social sciences research through development of training programs, preparation of presentations at regional, national, and international conferences, and publication of academic articles.